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Students are expected to prepare for their defence towards the end of their program. Discuss with your supervisor on items that you will need to complete pre, during and post defence:

1) Pre-Defence

When ready to defend your thesis, discuss with supervisor to establish:

  • Your readiness to defend
  • Proposed defence date
  • The Examining Committee (Please note that your supervisor must complete the Examining Committee Form).Please reach out to your Graduate Program Assistant for more information.

To better prepare for your defence, here is a resource for your reference:

Once your defence date is confirmed, you are required to submit the details below to your Graduate Program Assistant:

  • Completed thesis
  • Abstract (150 words max)
  • Pamphlet

IMPORTANT: Remember to apply for graduation by the set deadline. Check the SFU Dates & Deadlines page regularly on relevant graduate deadlines.

2) During Your Defence

To better prepare and make sure you bring the right documents/items to your defence, do visit this page for more information.

Once you have defended, the chairperson will have a discussion with your examining committee. You may be asked to leave the room or be moved to a different room (if via online conference).

If there are any required revisions, your supervisor will inform you. Remember to ask if there is a time frame on when you are expected to submit these revisions.

3) Post-Defence

Once revisions to your thesis are approved and accepted by the Examining Committee, you are responsible to submit it to the library.

IMPORTANT: You will not be able to graduate until your accepted thesis is submitted to the library. Check the Dates and Deadline page for library submission deadline.

Always double check to ensure you have applied for graduation.

Students can send their thesis for binding. Check with your school’s Graduate Program Assistant to identify the binder colour and other details. Please note that the student is responsible for the cost.

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