The questions

Spring 2021 Evaluation Reports were changed to reflect:

  • University-level questions were modified to clarify that the instruction was remote, not in-person.
  • Faculty and Department/School-level questions were not included

The reports also contain a statement noting that evaluation results were collected during a rapid shift to remote instruction and should be interpreted in this context and with fairness. Click here for more information.



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Overview of question creation: The "cascading framework"

The SETC program provides a delivery platform for course evaluations and recommendations on how to make good questions. A “cascading framework” is used to deliver evaluation questions where each course instructor, department (or program), and Faculty creates evaluation questions about their respective areas of inquiry. There is also a university-wide question set that appears on every course evaluation. On any given course evaluation form, a student may see up to 24 questions.

Source Question Number Created by:
Instructor's questions up to 4 questions course instructor
Department/Program questions up to 4 questions department chair/program director
Faculty questions up to 4 questions Faculty dean
University questions 12 questions VP-Academic's office

Learn about how to create good questions here.