Graduate Students:

Graduate Students currently working, or having worked in the past under the supervision of Dr. Margaret Schmidt, Associate Professor, Simon Fraser University.

Christopher Scarpone, MSc candidate, 2012 - present 
Predictive mapping of bedrock and sparsely vegetated areas in B.C.

Maciej Jamrozik, MSc candidate, 2011 - present 
Influence of a large deciduous tree species, bigleaf maple, on the growth of mature conifers in the Pacific Northwest

Brandon Heung, MSc candidate, 2011 - present
Meaning-based landscape classification procedure using landscape and local scale terrain attributes

Khaled Hamdan, PhD Graduate, 2007-2012
Effects of bigleaf maple on soil properties in a conifer forest of southwest British Columbia: a geo-spatial approach

Eugene Aganbi, PhD Candidate, 2008. 
Using the Digital Soil Mapping Method to Estimate the Spatial Distribution of Soil Carbon in British Columbia, Canada

Julie Sabau, MSc Graduate, 2006-2009
The impact of black cottonwood on nutrient dynamics and soil properties in a British Columbia coniferous forest.

Tanya Turk, MSc Graduate, 2006
The impact of bigleaf maple on soil chemistry and nutrient dynamics in a BC conifer forest.

Julia Chandler, MSc Graduate, 2006
Influence of bigleaf maple on forest floor chemical properties in conifer forests: a spatial approach.

Nick Roberts, BSc- Honours thesis, 2004
Influence of bigleaf maple on forest floor depths and humus forms of mixedwood stands in Southwestern British Columbia

Vikki Blouin MSc Graduate, 2004

Effects of mechanical disturbance on soil properties and lodgepole pine growth in British Columbia's Central Interior

Francois Teste MSc Graduate, 2002
Role of ectomycorrhizae on rehabilitated landings, in the southern interior of British Columbia.

Eva Boehringer MSc, 2002
What is the spatial extent to which vine maple affects certain physical and chemical soil properties in a coniferous old-growth forest stand?

Todd Redding MSc Graduate, 2001
Spatial variability of forest soil chemical properties related to clearcut edges.

Judit Gaspar PhD Candidate, 1998-2001 
Where does vine maple grow, and why there?

Matthew Plotnikoff MSc Graduate, 2000 
Evaluation of lodgepole pine growth and soil properties on rehabilitated landings.

Derek MacKenzie MSc Graduate, 1999
What is the effect of mechanical site preparation on soil properties, nutrient dynamics and tree growth?

Natalie Tashe MSc Graduate, 1998
How does vine maple influence nutrient cycling in coastal forests?

Chad Wardman MSc Graduate, 1997
What is the growth response of conifers around vine maple priority gaps?

Aynslie Ogden MSc Graduate, 1996
What are the soil characteristics of persistent canopy opening occupied by vine maple?