Big Leaf Maple

Research is currently being conducted on bigleaf maple in the Malcom Knapp Research Forest. Research will be similar to that undertaken with the past vine maple projects.

Research will focus on factors that determine the natural distribution of bigleaf maple within old-growth forest stands and on the impact of bigleaf maple on nutrient cycling and conifer growth. Researchers in this field hope to provide useful information to forest managers on how to incorporate this valuable species into managed forests.


Maciej Jamrozik, MSc candidate, 2011 - present
Impacts of deciduous tree species on nutrient cycling in conifer forest of B.C.

Khaled Hamdan, PhD Graduate, 2007-2012
Effects of bigleaf maple on soil properties in a conifer forest of southwest British Columbia: a geo-spatial approach

Tanya Turk, MSc Graduate, 2004
The impact of bigleaf maple on soil chemistry and nutrient dynamics in a BC conifer forest.

Julia Chandler
, MSc Graduate, 2004
Influence of bigleaf maple on forest floor chemical properties in conifer forests: a spatial approach.

Nick Roberts, BSc- Honours thesis, 2004
Influence of bigleaf maple on forest floor depths and humus forms of mixedwood stands in Southerwestern British Columbia