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The Multifaith Centre was founded alongside the University in 1966. Previously known as the Interfaith Centre, we have grown and expanded over the years while serving the students, staff, and faculty of faith at SFU. The Multifaith Centre is an engaged community that strives to enable students to express their beliefs and learn about other faith traditions. 

Multifaith Centre
AQ3200 - 8888 University Dr
Burnaby BC V5A 1S6

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We hope is to serve the students, staff, and faculty on their faith journey while at SFU

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50 Years of Faith Dialogue

For 50 years the Multifaith Centre (previously known as Interfaith Centre) at SFU has been a place of dialogue for many students biggest questions about life. 

This video was created as we celebrated 50 years of Faith and Dialogue at SFU. It highlights Non Violence day and gives an introduction to our Laudato Si : Faith, Business and Climate Change discussion that happened in 2016. You can see the full discission below

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