Holy Mass

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Join the Catholic Chaplaincy for Mass in the Multifaith Centre. Mass is open to students, staff, and faculty.

Attendance is drop-in style; no registration needed.

When Catholics go to church, they are attending a liturgical worship service that is commonly called a "Mass." They listen to the readings of the Bible, preaching from the priest, and celebrate the Eucharist to remember the last supper of Jesus. 

Confession is available before and after Mass by appointment

Important Updates:

Sunday Mass only

Weekdy Mass will Resume in the Fall

Summer 2024


Sundays 5pm 
AQ3210, Multifaith

Weekday Mass will Resume in the Fall


Multifaith Centre, AQ3210 


Lioba Na

Catholic Chaplaincy

Connect with the Catholic Chaplaincy at the Multifaith Centre. They are here for you.
Whether it is for spiritual direction, to have a listening ear, or just to connect, reach out today.

Joachim Yoon

Catholic Chaplain

Lioba Na

Catholic Chaplaincy Support