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Wayfinding Campus Tours have been cancelled

Every year, we look forward to connecting with new undergraduate students and introducing them to our campus, but given the growing concerns around COVID-19, we’ve made the decision to cancel in-person Wayfinding Campus Tours this spring.

See our Additional Resources and Support for self-guided virtual tours, maps and directions.


Starting your SFU undergraduate journey in January 2022?

Refer back to this timeline to keep yourself on track with important dates and deadlines (and some fun events, of course!) that you don't want to miss between now and the first day of classes.

Roadmap to start of Spring 2022


Start University Prep

  • Go to University Prep, Step 1 to learn tools for course exploration and discover the range of academic opportunities available to you. Check your email mid-Septembr to learn more!


Get ready to enroll

  • You will receive an email sent to your non-SFU email address indicating that your SFU computing ID is ready for activation.
  • Complete University Prep, Step 2 to prepare for enrollment and learn how to build a balanced schedule, choose classes using goSFU, and connect with an advisor.


Enroll and submit final documents


Learn how to find your people and get involved

  • Get connected by participating in your HIVE and start SFU 101 to get familiar with all the information needed to successfully start your first term at SFU!


Attend Welcome Programs