Student Projects

Our courses incorporate experiential and project-based learning. Students work in groups or individually to develop guides, initiatives, plans and recommendations to further sustainability initiatives with partners at SFU and in the community.  Some students go on to implement their ideas - resulting in new social enterprises and community projects!

Food Security and Urban Agriculture Projects

Food Security: Urban Agriculture in Hyper-urban Centres

By Lindsay McAlpine  (SD 494 Individual project) 

Explores opportunities to adopt urban agriculture within the city to address food security, access to green spaces, and employment. Proposes policy using site specific example in Los Angeles, California.  Read the report.

Operation Food Rescue: Minimizing Food Waste at SFU Burnaby

by Kimberly Ng  (SD 494 individual project)

Research paper and guide for reducing food waste from restaurants and catering services at SFU, prepared for the SFU Sustainability Office.  Read the guide.

Planting Our Future

By Dawn Wilson  (SD 301 project)

A website to learn how to start a community garden and/or a harvester's market.  Visit the website.

Waste Reduction 

Projects prepared by student teams in SD 281, in partnership with CityStudio and the City of Vancouver

Recycling Education & Bin Locations

  • Addressing urban litter in the City of Vancouver

Engaging the Public 

  • Innovative ideas to engage people in waste reduction in Vancouver

Getting Students Involved 

  • What motivates students to volunteer in waste reduction and litter management?

Root Causes of Litter

  • A comparison of Vancouver and Surrey

Public Composting

Exploring putting composting receptacles in public areas to reduce litter and landfill waste