Sustainability and climate action at SFU

Simon Fraser University (SFU) is committed to taking meaningful action to regenerate our Earth's ecosystems, slow climate change, build community resilience to climate impacts and advance environmental justice. 

We prioritize this work across research, teaching, learning, community and operations. Our work is done on campus, in our local communities, and globally. Everyone at SFU is responsible for this work and action is being taken in every faculty, department and team.

This page is a central portal to the sustainability and climate action work at SFU and beyond. It includes SFU's central strategy, commitments, approach, and progress, as well as, links to the many departments, groups, and individuals doing this work at SFU. 

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Our Community

SFU community members from a wide range of areas are doing critical work to support the university to achieve our sustainability and climate action goals. Here are just some of the incredible contributors to this important work.

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Commitments & Initiatives

SFU is generating positive change and building sustainable futures through our sustainability commitments and climate action initiatives.

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SFU's Strategic Sustainability And Climate Action Plan

SFU's original five-year sustainability plan defined the university's sustainability and climate action goals from 2020 to 2025, guiding our institution to prioritize climate justice, resilience and action in all its work. Building off this plan, SFU's 2022-2025 Strategic Sustainability and Climate Action Plan is a refreshed plan that will continue as a living document and process to reflect an adaptive planning and implementation process.

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SFU’s 2022-2025 Strategic Sustainability and Climate Action Plan is built around six goals that address organizational culture and systems change in each of the university's VP portfolios. 

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Monthly Spotlight

Throughout the year, monthly spotlights will highlight each of the plan's six goals. The current feature is Goal 6: Advancement and Alumni Engagement, which focuses on embedding sustainability into the ways we engage with SFU’s diverse alumni and donor communities.

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Goal 6: Advancement and Alumni Engagement

Learn more about our actions and progress on Goal 6: Advancement and Alumni Engagement, and discover ways to get involved

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Sustainability is for everyone. Explore how you can take action for climate justice.

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