Commercialization Roadmap

Steven Holdcroft, SFU professor and Tier 1 Canada Research Chair in Electrochemical Materials.

TLO plays a central role at SFU in bringing ideas from the lab to the market in order to maximize the social and economic impact.

Although it may seem straightforward, there are many steps involved in converting a concept into a product. Unlocking the full potential of this innovation requires expertise in both science and business to bridge the gap between researchers, industry and investors.

A. Invention Disclosure

  • Creator discloses their invention to TLO

B. IP Protection

  • Creator works with TLO to create IP strategy
  • TLO conducts prior art search
  • Creator works with TLO and external legal to file IP

C. Market Assessment

  • Conduct market assessment
  • Identifying partners and potential licensees

D. Further Development

  • De-risk technology by prototyping, testing, and piloting
  • Business activities support to carry technology forward
  • Shape innovation strategy through educational curriculum (i2I: invention to Innovation)

E. Commercialization

  • Negotiation and closing deals with businesses to license/sell technology
  • Partnering with industry to co-commercialize and develop technology further