Have an idea? TLO can help

You have developed an exciting new novel technology.  The next step should be to contact us to know your options regarding IP.  You may elect to protect it yourself or you may elect to have the TLO evaluate it and provide the legal protection, cost, and business strategy for the prospective new technology.

Contact the TLO to submit an Invention Disclosure.  The TLO team will then evaluate the submission and get back to you with your options.  Your submission will be evaluated on the strength of the IP, the strength of the market need, and the impact it will have on society.

The TLO team includes lawyers, experts in IP assessment, scientists and science-based marketing professionals.  The TLO is intimately connected into the entrepreneurship and innovation culture of SFU and can provide general guidance on spinning out a company, IP protection strategy, funding opportunities and university policies.

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