New Programs and Program Changes

The UCIL Office will support curriculum development through policy and governance advice, editorial support and strategic visioning. In this section, you will find information on new programs, program changes, and degree determination.

Academic units develop new courses and programs; they also propose modifications and deletions to courses and programs. The academic unit then submits the curriculum item to the appropriate approval committees. Once the committees approve the change, the curriculum item is operational in goSFU, the Academic Calendar and the Academic Progress Report (APR) per the approved effective date.

Because the approval process involves lots of forms and adherence to the established guidelines, Senate and Academic Services (SAS) developed this site to provide access to forms, templates, guidelines, deadlines and resources.

For Undergraduate programs

Please visit the SCUS Curriculum Management site.

For Graduate programs

Please visit the SGSC Curriculum Management site (note: sign in is required for faculty and staff access). 

For information relating to the steps for developing a new program

Please reach out to the UCIL Coordinator ( or UCIL Director ( at any time.