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 Election News

There are a variety of ways to keep up to date on events during the election campaign.  Most useful are the national election sites run by large media corporations.  But for regional developments, it is best to connect to the local news media sites across the country. Links to a selection of interesting election news stories are also available on this page.


National Media Election Coverage:

Regional & Specialty News:


Leaders' Debate

The Globe & Mail has an archive of audio clips of the first English language leaders' debate held on December 16, 2005. The CTV provides a translated transcript of the French language debate held the day before. A CTV/Strategic Counsel opinion poll conducted afterwards found that the debates had little impact.

The second English language leaders' debates was held Monday January 9; CTV provides a transcript of the leaders' debate if you missed it. the CBC offers page with their commentators' views on the debate as it unfolded. For what it's worth, two separate instant polls conducted after the debate found that slightly more Canadians believed that Mr Harper did the best in the debate compared to those who favoured Mr Martin; see the Canada.com news story on the Ipsos poll and the CNews story on the Leger poll.

The final debate was held on Tuesday January 10 in French. An English translation of the debate is provided by CTV. And the CBC offers their commentators' views of the debate as it unfolded.


Select News Item Archive on 2006 Canadian Elections:

New MPs get the low down on what life really like for federal legislators
Canada.com February 2, 2006

Parizeau says Tories surprised sovereigntists
CTV February 2, 2006

Sovereignty support drops after Tory win: poll
CTV February 1, 2006

Martin turns over House duties to Bill Graham
CTV February 1, 2006

Harper, Martin meet for 30-minute transition chat
CTV January 30, 2006

Harper transition team packed with non-partisans
CTV January 26, 2006

Hunger for change fed Tory vote: poll
CBC January 26, 2006

Tory government to be sworn in on Feb. 6
CBC January 26, 2006

Harper vows to get down to work with first focus on accountability
CBC January 24, 2006

Martin phones Governor General to resign
CBC January 24, 2006

Martin to quit as Liberal leader, describes 'privilege to serve'
CBC January 24, 2006

Gains may make NDP fulcrum of power
Canada.com January 24, 2006

Three-way battles give NDP big gains in B.C.
CBC January 23, 2006

Conservatives win minority, Martin stepping down
CTV January 23, 2006

Conservatives make breakthrough in Quebec
CBC January 23, 2006

Voter turnout improves to 65 per cent
CTV January 23, 2006

Bloc Quebecois maintains its grip on Quebec
CTV January 23, 2006

Ballot box stolen in New Glasgow  
CBC January 23, 2006

Defecting Chretien loyalists swell ranks of Conservative organizers in Quebec 
Canada.com January 23, 2006

Voting begins amid warning about bogus election e-mail
CBC January 23, 2006

Government transitions perilous but Tories are ready
CNews January 22, 2006

Liberals crossing fingers for razor-thin minority
CTV January 22, 2006

NDP will win many more seats, Layton predicts
CTV January 22, 2006

Bloc leader promises 'constructive opposition'
CTV January 22, 2006

No legal method to spoil ballot: Elections Canada
CNews January 22, 2006

Harper urges voters to make a change
CTV January 22, 2006

Pivotal moments came before writ dropped 
Canada.com January 22, 2006

Martin predicts last-minute turnaround 
Canada.com January 22, 2006

Bloc pulls anti-Alberta card out of its arsenal
Canada.com January 21, 2006

Harper puts end to formal news conferences 
Canada.com January 21, 2006

Layton eyes strategic vote in B.C.
CBC January 21, 2006

Martin steps up attack, predicts Liberal victory
CTV January 21, 2006

Undecideds are the key
CNews January 21, 2006

PM challenges Harper on abortion
CNews January 21, 2006

MacKay apologizes for 'knitting' remark
CBC January 20, 2006

Most Canadians happy with election media coverage
CTV January 20, 2006

Harper has slim chance to shape court 
Canada.com January 20, 2006

Memo to U.S. conservative groups: Shh! 
CTV January 20, 2006

Social issues back as election hot buttons

Harper says Senate shouldn't block Tory bills
CTV January 19, 2006

Ottawa needs to respect provincial jurisdiction, Harper says
CBC January 19, 2006

Martin hopes for last-minute turnaround with all-out attack on Harper
Canadian Press January 19, 2006

Liberal changes mind about conceding defeat 
Canada.com January 19, 2006

Quebec Liberal candidate pulls out of race, throws support to Tories
CNews January 19, 2006

False allegations from Liberal office mar Sask. televised candidates' forum
CNews January 19, 2006

Tories seeking to hire some Liberal staffers
CTV January 19, 2006

Canadian elections get an Asian flavour
BBC January 19, 2006

Mandatory voting could improve Canadian turnout
CTV January 18, 2006

Senate, courts would keep Tories in check: Harper
CTV January 18, 2006

Number of advance voters across the country rises 
Canada.com January 18, 2006

Le candidate indépendent André Arthur se dirige vers une victoire électorale
Cyberpresse.com January 17, 2006

Liberal accuses rival of using churches 
Canada.com January 17, 2006

Layton courts Liberal supporters to vote NDP 'just this once'
CBC January 15, 2006

Tories struggle in Toronto's Liberal strongholds
CTV January 15, 2006

Half of Canadians OK with Tory majority: poll
CTV January 15, 2006

NDP preparing for Tory victory
Globe & Mail January 14, 2006

Duceppe muses about being Opposition Leader 
Canada.com January 14, 2006

Fun money flows more freely in Liberal ridings 
Canada.com January 14, 2006

Liberals axe candidate accused of offering job to opponent
CBC January 13, 2006

Reopen missile defence: Harper
Toronto Star January 13, 2006

Provinces have role on world stage: Layton 
CNews January 13, 2006

NDP says Liberal 'Heroes Fund' was their idea
CTV January 13, 2006

Grits promise new funds for emergency responders
CTV January 13, 2006

Tories promise no cuts to social spending 
Canada.com January 13, 2006

Dumont tells Quebecers not to vote for the Bloc
CTV January 12, 2006

Tories promise to spend on affordable housing
CBC January 12, 2006

Canadian Communist leader wary of Conservative agenda 
Canada.com January 12, 2006

Carpooling helps N.B. candidates cover riding
CBC January 12, 2006

Harper drops B.C. candidate, NDP eyes riding
CTV January 12, 2006

Martin says 'soldier' spot 'wasn't very good' 
Canada.com January 12, 2006

Tories lash out at Liberal attack ads
CBC January 11, 2006

NDP policy platform includes $71 B in spending
CBC January 11, 2006

Liberal platform doesn't include notwithstanding clause ban
CBC January 11, 2006

Liberals set $4.13-billion cost on platform promises 
Canada.com January 11, 2006

B.C. Conservative candidate to go on trial
CTV January 11, 2006

Martin's pledge panned by experts, MPs 
Canada.com January 10, 2006

Solberg vows not to honour aboriginal agreement
CTV January 10, 2006

Harper: International consensus needed for war
CTV January 10, 2006

Martin's pledge panned by experts, MPs 
Canada.com January 10, 2006

Leaders stick to script, same old attacks: voters
CTV January 9, 2006

Martin says he would ban notwithstanding clause
CBC January 9, 2006

Leaders prep for crucial debates
CTV January 9, 2006

Poll shows undecided voters more likely to go Grit
CTV January 9, 2006

American citizen added to Jan. 23 voters' list
CTV January 7, 2006

Tories take lead after big gains in Quebec: poll
CTV January 7, 2006

Martin woos seniors with $1.7B proposal
Toronto Star  January 7, 2006

Who'd sit in Tory cabinet?
Toronto Star  January 6, 2006

Aboriginal Canadians form own political party
CTV January 6, 2006

Layton unveils NDP crime platform in B.C.
CTV January 6, 2006

Liberals pledge billions for post-secondary study
CTV January 5, 2006

Media organizations seek suspension of election gag law
CBC January 4, 2006

Layton positions himself as king maker
Canada.com/CanWest January 3, 2006

Liberals roll out their health-care guarantee 
Canada.com/CanWest January 3, 2006

Layton promises billion dollar national prescription drug plan 
Canada.com/CanWest January 3, 2006

Media seek real-time election results
CNews January 3, 2006

About 35,500 prison inmates eligible to vote in federal election
Canadian Press January 2, 2006

Green Party leader unveils election platform
CTV January 2, 2006

Critics say voting system creates alienation
CTV January 2, 2006

Harper outlines priorities of Tory government
CTV January 2, 2006

PM backs Goodale despite RCMP probe
CBC News December 29, 2005

Income trust decision under police investigation 
Canada.com/CanWest December 29, 2005

Green Party hit with second elections complaint
CTV December 28, 2005

NDP government would move to proportional voting
CTV December 27, 2005

Native leaders say aboriginal vote can make the difference
CNews December 27, 2005

Liberal exec quits over his blog remarks about NDPers
CBC News December 27, 2005

Head-tax redress a top issue in several ridings 
CNews December 27, 2005

Harper: Tories won't form coalition with Bloc
CNews December 23, 2005

Quebec autoworkers offer support to Bloc 
Canada.com/CanWest December 23, 2005

Harper says Liberal use of Holocaust event pic 'tasteless'
CBC News December 23, 2005

Only NDP can be trusted to defend medicare: Layton
CTV December 22, 2005

Harper pledges larger Arctic military presence
CTV December 22, 2005

Harper promises more autonomy for Quebec
CTV December 19, 2005

Canada will take 'necessary measures' to stop U.S. subs in Arctic: Martin
CNews December 19, 2005

Layton's popularity not translating into votes
CTV December 19, 2005

New laws make Arctic campaigning difficult
CTV December 18, 2005

Round 2 of debates sparks bigger fireworks
CBC News December 16, 2005

First debate produces few fireworks
CBC News December 16, 2005

Martin on the defensive in first leaders' debate
CTV December 16, 2005

Liberal outlook grim in Quebec: leaked memo
CBC News December 15, 2005

Former GG Schreyer to run for NDP
CBC News December 14, 2005

SCC will hear Elections Act appeal by webmaster
CTV December 14, 2005

U.S. ambassador should stay out of election: Harper
CBC News December 14, 2005

Martin says he won't 'be dictated to'
CBC News December 14, 2005

Polls trends vary widely in Ontario race 
Canada.com/CanWest December 13, 2005

Green candidate quits over party's anti-seal hunt stance
CBC News December 13, 2005

Tory ads driving undecided voters away: poll
CTV December 13, 2005

Washington furious over Martin's climate change comments
CBC News December 9, 2005

Half of voters still weighing options, poll finds
CTV December 8, 2005

Election may hang on local fights: poll 
Canada.com/CanWest December 7, 2005

Bids reach $20 for election vote on eBay
CBC News December 6, 2005

Green party again threatens suit over debate exclusion
CBC News December 4, 2005

Revealed: Who pays for the party
Toronto Star December 1, 2005

Bloc calls for Team Quebec in int'l hockey
CTV November 30, 2005

New rules should civilize leaders' debates
CTV November 30, 2005

Marathon campaign begins for Jan. 23 election
CTV November 29, 2005

MPs topple Liberal government, trigger election
CBC News November 28, 2005

Canadians want majority, expect minority: poll
CBC News November 28, 2005

Desire for change biggest threat to Liberals: poll
CTV November 24, 2005

Opposition unveils non-confidence motion
CTV November 24, 2005

Christmas campaign a reality, Martin says
CTV November 19, 2005

78% of Canadians okay with holiday election: poll 
Canada.com November 17, 2005

Voters don't want winter election: poll
CTV November 17, 2005

You can also view the News Archives for the 2004 and 2000 Canadian elections.



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