Where to Buy?

Puzzle Shops (online)

Check ebay.ca first it may have what you are looking for, expecially if it is a puzzle that is no longer produced like BinaryArts TopSpin. For puzzles currently being manufactured see the shop list below.

Puzzle shops I've used:

Sticker shops I've used:

Other sites to be aware of:

Puzzle Shops (Lower Mainland, British Columbia)

Puzzles are always tough to find in the lower mainland shops. From time-to-time I have seen them at the following shops. If you find some, let me know where and I can update the list.

  • Mind Games in Burnaby and Coquitlam (Rubik's cube, V-cubes, Meffert's puzzles, 15-puzzle)
  • Craving For a Game in Surrey Place Mall (SFU Surrey) (Rubik's cube)