Assignments for the class will be posted below. Solutions will be posted after the due date.

Submission of your assignment will be done through CrowdMark. A link will be sent to you via email a few days before the due date. Follow the link to upload your assigment. You should include your name and SFU ID (email address) at the top of each page of your assignment.

Assignments can be handwritten or typed. It is your choice. For those that want to use LaTeX to typeset your homework I've created a template that will get you started right away. This is particulary good for students with little LaTeX experience. See the download link in the menu on the right.

Assignment Cover Page Due Date Solutions
Assignment 1 coverpage January 22 Solutions
Assignment 2 coverpage January 29 Solutions
Assignment 3 coverpage February 5 Solutions
Assignment 4 coverpage February 12 Solutions
Assignment 5 coverpage February 23 Solutions
Midterm 1 on Friday, Feb. 26
Assignment 6 coverpage March 5 Solutions
Assignment 7 coverpage March 12 Solutions
Assignment 8 coverpage March 19 Solutions
Midterm 2 on Friday, March. 26
Assignment 9 coverpage April 9 Solutions

Term Project Information (pdf)