Claire Nelson

HRM MA Student, John Welch

Areas of interest

Archaeo/ethnobotanical relationships within sacred spaces, indigenous archaeology, CRM/HRM workers conditions and rights


B.A.: Coe College, Anthropology of Religion, 2017


I am an american CRM field technician with training in Greek classical archaeology. I have worked mainly around the Great Lakes region, but also have experience in the South and South West regions of the U.S. I have always been deeply interested in the use of plants and fungi in the sacred domain and the resulting habits and ideas from those influences. I studied religion(s) closely for my undergraduate degree, but I have a broad range of interests. My favorite field activity is drawing site sketches.

MA research plans

My most recent ideas for research revolve around the professional environment for CRM field technicians, particularly how they can be improved. Having seen firsthand the issues and benefits we encounter in the field and having talked with many of my peers, I felt that this area of research would take a proactive approach resolving a real issue in the field. Through my firsthand experience with the drawbacks and benefits of CRM/HRM fieldwork, I feel that this area of research would be of particular value to CRM/HRM technicians. Paired with the business focus of the SFU program, I want to work towards positive change for the field.

Other interests

I am also interested in Greek archaeology, mycology, botanical archaeology, North American Plains archaeology, Central American archaeology, experimental archaeology, community education through engagement, gardening, religion (as a phenomenon), reading, and painting.


            Conference Presentations:

            2017 (Nelson, C.) The Use of Hallucinogenic Substance At the Sites of Eleusis, Delphi, and the Acherusian Nekromanteion (oral presentation and undergraduate thesis), 2017/2018 Annual Archaeological Institute of America Conference.