Jiaming Cui

PhD Candidate, Christina Giovas

Areas of interest

Zooarchaeology, Historical ecology, Hunter-fisher-gatherers, Coastal and island archaeology


  • BA, (2020) Archaeology, Sun Yat sen University, China
  • MA, (2023) Archaeology, Sun Yat sen University, China


I am interested in human-marine interactions. I focus on mollusc and fish remains from coastal and island sites. My research will combine traditional zooarchaeology, ancient DNA, and isotopes to explore the resilience and sustainability of primarily hunter-fisher-gatherer societies in ancient coastal and island environments. Providing a deeper and more holistic perspective for understanding human-nature interactions through the dynamic and long-term humanized landscape views of historical ecology. I hope that my research inform sustainable development issues that humans are facing at present.



2023  Changes in subsistence patterns in the Pearl River Delta from 7000-3000 cal.BP

Mollusc species identification and measurement, China,2022
Excavations in the Baidicheng site, China, 2020
Internship in the Palace Museum, China,2019