Marina Elliott

January 31, 2022

Originally from Calgary, Canada, Dr. Marina Elliott is a biological anthropologist and archaeologist, interested in the Human Journey – how, why and when humans became who we are today.

She holds a PhD in biological anthropology and archaeology from Simon Fraser University and has excavated ancient human remains in Western Canada, the USA, Spain, Africa and Siberia. She has also assisted with modern forensic investigations in Canada, the USA and Switzerland and was a visiting scientist intern at the Office of the New York Medical Examiner in New York.

In 2013 she became one of six “Underground Astronauts” on the Rising Star Expedition, a project that became one of the top science stories of 2015 and led to the naming of a new hominin species, Homo naledi. From 2014-2019 Marina led further excavations at the Rising Star site and conducted research on Homo naledi and other early hominins. Returning to Canada in 2020, Marina is continuing to conduct research on our human past with colleagues at SFU, as well as lecturing at the University of Calgary and Mount Royal University. She is a Fellow of the Explorers Club and a National Geographic Explorer.