Mike Rousseau

July 12, 2021

Mike Rousseau developed an interest in archaeology at a very young age growing up in the Okanagan Valley.

Following this academic passion, he received a BA from SFU in 1981 and an MA in 1989. He has been involved in archaeology and heritage resource management throughout BC since 1975. His areas of study include the culture history and archaeology of the Canadian Plateau, flint knapping and lithic demonstrations, lithic technology and analysis, tool replication and use studies, and early peopling of the Pacific Northwest. Mike has authored and co-authored several articles and monographs on southern BC archaeology and contributed to a volume on Lower Fraser River Region archaeology published by SFU Archaeology Press in 2017.

In 1992, Antiquus Archaeological Consultants Ltd. was established to conduct consulting archaeology and culture resource management in BC – the company is approaching 30 years of operation under Mike’s ownership and management. Antiquus’ longevity and success would not have been possible without the expertise and assistance of SFU Archaeology graduates. Mike’s retirement will involve participation in fieldwork as opportunities arise, publishing some long-overdue articles, fishing in southern Baja, and playing guitar and singing in a rock and roll band.