Paige Tuttösí

October 04, 2021

Paige Tuttösí completed her BA in Archaeology from SFU in 2016 and is currently completing her PhD in Computing Science, where she hopes to improve vocal production in robots, especially when it comes to teaching.

Her research combines psychology, linguistics, audio engineering and biology to understand what sounds best engage humans in learning and how to produce them. She is also co-founder of Haiven, a start-up that builds apps using AI to help improve the lives of individuals living with intimate partner violence to provide education services to help these individuals become self-dependent and break the cycle of abuse.

Throughout her degrees Paige worked for the SFU Archaeology department helping with several repatriation projects. One of her current projects is working in collaboration with the Indigenous Studies department using modern computing methods such as Text to Speech and Chatbots to help preserve and teach Indigenous languages. The first iteration of a Blackfoot Chatbot can be found at

Paige has been the recipient of serval major funding schemes including Graduate Fellowships and NSERC. She is currently working on a partnership with acoustics and robotics labs in France to expand her research capabilities. In her free time Paige likes to ski and compete in agility with her dog!