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Books To Look At (Lots Of Pictures):

MacDonald, George F. 1983. Haida Monumental Art: Villages of the Queen Charlotte Islands. UBC Press, Vancouver, British Columbia.

Harrington, Richard. 1981. The Inuit: Life as it Was. Hurtig Publishers Ltd., Edmonton, Alberta.

Links To Go To

Extensive Information on First Nations and Native Americans

The Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Center website (Information on Inuit)

Arctic Winter Games website (Information on Inuit games) CAUTION: SOME OF THESE GAMES ARE DANGEROUS AND COULD CAUSE INJURY.

Canadian Museum of Civilization website (Information on different cultures in Canada)

SFU Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology (Information on domestication)

Haida Games (Information on Lahal and other games) (Lahal is played widely across North America. This is a Secwepemc version of the game)

Haida Houses (Information and pictures)


This website was created by Danielle Dempsey. The idea was proposed by Dr. Barbara Winter based on the model of the Huron longhouse seen in the photographs on this site. The model was built by Danielle Dempsey for Knut Fladmark's Arch 223 class in the Fall semester of 2001. The model was based on the Nodwell site, a 13th century Huron village located in Ontario, near Georgian Bay. In creating the model, I thought it was important to show different stages of construction, which could confuse those who have never seen a longhouse.

I would like to thank Knut Fladmark for presenting me with the challenge of building the model. I would like to give a special thank you to Dr. Barbara Winter for offering me the opportunity to create this site. Dr. Winter's knowledge of the Haida and Inuit communities was very helpful. I would also like to thank Ryan Barneski, my technical advisor on this project. Not only did he help me with the technical aspects of the site, he also helped with the aesthetic aspects as well. He is a web designer with many great ideas.


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