Special Event

Learning about Graduate School

November 01, 2023

Learning About Graduate School

A Series of Workshops Hosted by the Department of Archaeology

Curious about grad school? A discussion with current graduate students.
Monday, November 6 | 12:30pm | Saywell Hall 9152
Has a thought about grad school ever crossed your mind? This workshop is designed to answer the what, why, when, where, who, and hows of grad school. Whether you're set on going, or have maybe just heard the term 'grad school' in passing, this workshop is for you! Come hang out, ask questions of current grad students, and get a better understanding of the enigma that is grad school.

How to write a CV.
Monday, November 20 | 12:30pm | Saywell Hall 9152
In this workshop you will learn the difference between a resume and CV, what to include (or exclude), and then spend time working on your own CV with the support of the facilitators.
Meeting ID: 857 6965 0362
Password: 504369

How to write a research statement.
Monday, November 27 | 12:30pm | Saywell Hall 9152
In this workshop we will explain what a research intent statement, what it is used for, and how to craft one.  This workshop contains an in-person exercise for the second hour. We encourage people to attend in-person to participate in the exercise.
Meeting ID: 810 5426 8374
Password: 384456

Applying to a graduate program at SFU Archaeology.
Monday, December 4 | 12:30pm | Saywell Hall 9152
Join the Department of Archaeology Graduate Program Assistant for an in-depth look into all you need to know about applying to a graduate program at SFU Archaeology.

All are welcome to attend any or all four workshops. Registration not required.