Electives en français

Electives taught in the French language

Students who meet a sufficient level of French language proficiency, have the opportunity to take courses offered in the French language in a variety of subject areas. Some of these elective courses may be used towards WQB requirements needed for degree completion.


   •    French Placement Test
   •    Course pre-requisites   

For registration permission contact:
Rachelle Hiebert
Student Advisor
Tel: 778.782.6858

Courses are offered IN FRENCH- Subjet to change.

Fall 2019 

Spring 2020

  • POL 210-3 (F100) Introduction to the Political Philosophy - B-hum/B-soc
  • POL 244-3 (F100) Canada in the World
  • POL 459-4 (F100) Selected Topics in Governance
  • POL 472-4 (F100) Diplomacy and Global Governance
  • EDUC 380-4 (F100) Introduction to Teaching French in Canadian Contexts

Summer 2020

  • EDUC 382-4 (F100) Diversity in Education: Theories, Policies, Practices