Undergraduate Training

This Joint Major program in Computing Science and Molecular Biology and Biochemistry (JMA CS-MBB) was initiated in 2003. The first of its kind in Canada, it formed the basis for a White Paper on Bioinformatics training for Canada. It provides excellent training for a bioinformatics career, while also allowing you to keep your options open to many other career options in the computational and life sciences.

The JMA CS-MBB is geared for exceptional students who want a high-caliber, intensive, broad-based education that forms a solid platform for further advanced training and/or a cutting edge, flexible career. Such skills are forecast to be in high demand in the workforce over the next decade and this program offers more than just training in these sciences. We will educate you to think in new ways about problems, both from the logic and process oriented perspectives common to the computational sciences and from the experimental, hypothesis driven approaches common to the life sciences. Our program will help you to excel in today’s quickly-moving, constantly-changing world.

There are many career options open to you once you have completed this program.  Some examples of possible career options as technicians or scientists in either academia, government or industry are: 

Bioinformatician        Computational Biologist
Medical Imager        Biomedical Computer Scientist        Genome Analysis Technician
        Molecular Biologist        Geneticist        Genome Scientist
Developmental Biologist        Cellular Biologist        Molecular Microbiologist
Biochemist        Protein/Nucleic Acid/Lipid/Structural Biochemist

Computer Scientist        Multimedia Developer        Programmer Systems Administrator
Software Developer        Database Developer

Check the academic calendar for more detailed program information.