How do I change-the course details?

1. Click Settings in the course navigation menu on the left.

You will see Course details.

In Course Details, you will be able to find and edit the following:

  1. Course Name and Course Code
  2. Start and End Date/Time of the course.
  3. The default language of the course is in English, but it could be configured by the user or instructor.
  4. View the file storage capacity.
  5. Set the Grading Scheme for the course.
  6. Change the license title of the course.
  7. Set the public visibility of the course .
  8. Set the format of the course.
  9. Add a course description.
  10. Set student options

2. Set Start and End Dates

You will be able to create a start/end date for the course by clicking on the calendar icon [1] and a calendar will display. Then select the date [2] you wish the course to start and end. 

Checking the box Users can only participate in the course between these dates will override SFU's default start and end dates in terms of the students ability to participate in the course.

User participation means a student can submit assignments, reply to discussions or take part in any action-based task.

5. Set Grading Scheme

You can change the grading scheme by checking Enable course grading scheme and then click on set grading scheme link.  The default grading scheme is Canvas default. You need to edit the grading scheme to the one used by your department.


6. Set License

You can change the different types of licenses by clicking on the drop-down menu [1] or to better understand each of the licenses click the question mark icon [2]. 

10. Set Student options

Click on the More options link to view the student options.

A list of student options will pop up, select each checkbox as needed. 


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