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"Islam and Politics" Course offered in Spring 2019

"Islam and Politics", instructed by Amyn Sajoo, begins with an exploration of the nexus between religion and politics, then moves into modern political Islam and the specific expressions of it in the form of movements and experiences in the contemporary Middle East & North Africa. Multimedia resources, such as film, cyber-culture, and literary works will inform the course beyond prescribed texts.

The course outline mentions: "Political modernity has long been premised on secularization: the privatization and indeed decline of religion have been cast as the price of “rational” civic life. Yet religion today is a vital feature of political life across the world, albeit in varied ways. This is especially evident in Muslim-majority settings, where the mobilizing power of religion has robustly influenced social and political developments – notably in the aftermath of the events of the “Arab Spring,” but also in Iraq and Afghanistan in the wake of 9/11, and in Iran long before 9/11. How do we account for this mobilizing power, at the level of state and civil society alike?"

You may access the course outline here.

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