Being a Muslim Artist

In partnership with the Vancouver Biennale's "re-IMAGE-n" exhibition, which saw the installation of Ajlan Gharem's provocative Paradise Has Many Gates installation at Vanier Park, the Centre for Comparative Muslim Studies co-hosted a dialogue on what it means to be a Muslim artist in Metro Vancouver.

The evening began with a video made by Gharem when he installed the piece in Saudi Arabia, followed by a response from local cultural critic and writer Rahat Kurd (download link below) and then participants discussed what it meant for them to be artists working in Metro Vancouver.

This unique graphic recording incorprates the participants' own capturing of the highlights of their conversations.

Files for download:

* Vancouver Biennale_ Being a Muslim Artist.m4a
Vancouver Biennale: Being a Muslim Artist (audio)
* Being A Muslim Artist.jpg
Being a Muslim Artist (high resolution)