Islamic history month

Photo courtesy of Taslim Samji

Vancouver Islamic History Month 2019

Every October, cities across Canada commemorate Islamic History Month. This provides an opportunity to reflect on, and celebrate, contributions of Muslim-Canadians to the communities they live in. 

The SFU Centre for Comparative Muslim Studies (CCMS) is working with the Vancouver Public Library to host its second Islamic History Month Celebration on 5 October 2019 from 12:00-17:00.

This event was initiated by the City of Vancouver’s Cultural Communities Advisory Committee in 2018. This year we seek to make space within the celebration of this month to explore what it means to be Muslims in relationship with Indigenous communities. 

Muslim communities have increasingly become the focus of negative public attention, and as we work to reclaim our narratives we also recognize that Indigenous communities have been facing similar struggles for generations. The diversity and positivity of Muslim art and cultural practices are not often highlighted, as is the case with Indigenous communities, which is why Islamic History Month provides a unique opportunity to showcase our local artists and performers, highlight the importance of telling our own stories and examine what it means to be on this land and in good relationship.

How can you get involved?

  • Interested in volunteering on the day? Click here
  • Interested in joining the IHM 2019 organizing team? Click here
  • Interested in performing or showcasing some of your art? Click here

For more information and funding support please contact:

Aslam Bulbulia
236 868 8310