CCMS Seeks Strategic Plan Consultant

February 05, 2020

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The Centre for Comparative Muslim Studies is seeking proposals to retain a qualified and experienced consultant to facilitate the development of a 5 year strategic plan to be completed by July 2020. The consultant’s work will be guided by the Centre for Comparative Muslim Studies Steering Committee, Director, Community Outreach and Engagement Co-ordinator. Consultant will require consultation with connected communities, academic leadership, not-for-profit organizations, community groups, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Advancement Office and other stakeholders. The consultant will have prior experience working with a variety of stakeholders and communities.

The recommended process below should act as a framework to lead the CCMS and stakeholders through the consultation process.

Stage One-Discovery:

The consultant will:

  • Participate in a project start-up meeting to review the scope of work, as well as the proposed work plan.
  • Undertake high level review of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences 5 year Plan and other relevant university policies and strategic plans to develop context and facilitate interdisciplinary engagement
  • Identify current internal, external stakeholders and proposed future stakeholders to include during consultation strategy
  • Provide best practice in consultation strategies and provide recommendations on how to best engage stakeholders including: engagement methodology, timelines and other components to successful deliver a 5 year strategic plan.
  • Meet and communicate with stakeholders to fulfil stage one delivery

Stage Two- Stakeholder consultation:

The consultant will:

  • Implement consultation plan including a variation of engagement strategies including, but not limited to: a workshop for Steering Committee, individual interviews, focus groups, online surveys or other methodologies.
  • Meet and communicate with stakeholders to fulfil stage two delivery

Stage Three-Final Report:

The consultant will:

  • Analyze and compile results of meetings, interviews, surveys and other information and consolidate into a final 5 year strategic plan.
  • Meet and communicate with stakeholders to fulfil stage three delivery by July 2020


  • Executive Summary -One page or less including a brief history of the consultant, overview of overall ability and expertise, and experience and competencies in providing deliverables similar in nature to those identified for this project
  • Fee/Schedule- A brief schedule of activity from date of award to final submission, and anticipated completion schedule with final report completed by July 2020.
    Also include anticipated fee for the contract services:
  1. Strategic plan consulting fee budget estimated at $10,000 (including taxes).
  2. Strategic plan design and printing needs will be provided in-house.
  3. All other expenses directly attributable to the project must be pre-approved by FASS Administration.
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Ruby Campbell

By email:

Or by mail at:

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
Simon Fraser University | AQ 6176
8888 University Drive Burnaby BC V5A1S6