DOXA Film Screening: Black Box Diaries

May 05, 2024

A powerful addition to the #MeToo movement from Japanese journalist, author and filmmaker Shiori Itō. In 2015, Itō became a part of the small minority of women in Japan who report a sexual assault, after she was assaulted by an older journalist and confidant of then-Prime Minister of Japan, Shinzo Abe. Itō’s fight for justice is up against the inflexible Japanese legal system, which has not rewritten its laws on sexual assault for over one hundred years.

Black Box Diaries is no detached procedural, but rather an achingly intimate portrait of Itō as she refuses to be silenced, and the camera captures the physical and emotional toll of her scrutiny as she seeks a proper prosecution. Despite setbacks, Itō finds strong support from a network of advocates, and this hugely empowering film is a testament to her many years of unwavering perseverance.

Screening partner: SFU David Lam Centre

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