Welcome to the Discourse Processing Lab!

Our lab studies discourse from linguistic and computational points of view. We examine and empirically test the role of discourse structure in different areas of language. In past work, we have worked on computational analysis of opinion (sentiment analysis), and studies of rhetorical/coherence relations.

Our current project involves a study of online news comments, focusing on how we can best describe them in terms of 'good' and 'bad' comments. We describe 'good' comments as those that are constructive, i.e., they contribute to a dialogue about the relevant article, using evidence and providing reasons. 'Bad' comments may be described as toxic, abusive or in general meant to discourage an open exchange of ideas.

This general work is described in a recent poster. More details in our research section.

Maite Taboada, Hanhan Wu, Luca Cavasso, Emma Mileva, Emilie Francis, Kazuki Yabe - April 2017

Kazuki Yabe, Maite Taboada, Luca Cavasso, Emilie Francis, Varada Kolhatkar, Sonya Chik - June 2017