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Undergraduate EASC Courses: 300 Level

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300 - level Courses

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Course page Course Name
300-3 Selected Topics in the Earth Sciences        
301-3 Igneous and Metamorphic Petrology
302-3 Sedimentary Petrology
303W-3 Environmental Geoscience (W)
303-3 Environmental Geoscience      
304-3 Hydrogeology (Q)
305-3 Computational Methods for the Earth Sciences (Q)    
306-3 Field Geology II  
307-3 Applied Geophysics (Q)    
309-3 Global Tectonics
310W-3 Paleontology (W)  
310-3 Paleontology      
312-3 Stratigraphy    
313-3 Intro to Soil and Rock Engineering
314-3 Principles of Glaciology (Q)    
315-3 Geochemistry of Natural Waters    
317-3 Global Geophysics (Q)    
(B), (Q), (W) = Breadth, Quantitative or Writing credit in Science   Spring Semester
    Summer Semester
* Note! Course schedule is subject to change -   Fall Semester

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