EArth sciences Honours Theses




Honours Thesis

Colin Vandenbrink 2022 Williams-Jones Melt Inclusions and Their Implications for Magma Residence Time at Mount Meager, British Columbia 
Maria Carter 2022 Thorkelson Metamorphosed mafic rocks in the Pinal Schist, Little Dragoon Mountains, Arizona: field, geochemical and isotopic constraints on the evolution of southwestern Laurentia
Kelsey Krossa 2022 Gibson Tectonometamorphic Evolution of the Monashee Complex: New Insight from In-situ U-Th-Pb Petrochronology on Metamorphic Monazite
Anthony Giang 2021 Pilarczyk 1,000-yr record of paleotsunamis impacting Ahuriri Lagoon (Hawke's Bay), New Zealand
Maksym Golovetskyy 2019 Dyck Assessing the ‘magma-loading’ model for prograde metamorphism in continental arcs: a case study from Harrison Lake, British Columbia
Brynje Johnson 2018 Allen Aquifer-Stream Connectivity at Otter Park, Langley, BC
Koeben Jurykovsky 2018 Stead Preliminary investigation of a deep-seated gravitational slope deformation at Hawkesbury Island, British Columbia
Allegra Whistler 2018 Allen Investigating the Thermo-Hydraulic Regime of Union Creek, Langley B.C.
Andrew Allen 2018 Kirste
Sources and Distribution of Arsenic in Groundwater on the Gulf Islands of British Columbia
Benjamin Neil 2017 Gibson Depositional Age, Provenance and Tectonic Significance of the Porter Lake and Lynx Lake Outliers, South Rae Craton, Northwest Territories
Glenn Hall 2017 Allen Investigating Aquifer-Stream Connectivity at Steele Park, Langley, BC
Mark Coleman
2017 Gibson
Structural and Petrofabric Analysis of the Yukon
Elise Harrington 2016 Williams-Jones Thermorheological Modeling of Venusian Canali
Margarita (Rita) Dubman 2016 Gibson Petrogenesis and significance of Schist Creek mafic-ultramafic complex, SW Yukon
Swetha Venugopal 2014 Williams-Jones Melt Inclusions and their Implications of an Interconnceted Magma Chamber Beneath Cerro Negro Volcano and Las Pilas-El Hoyo Complex Nicaragua
Megan Dewit 2014 Williams-Jones The Geothermal Potential of Nazko Cone, British Columbia
Jeremy Hanson 2013 Marshall Hydrothermal Alteration and Geochemistry of Porphyry-Style Cu-Au Mineralization at the Donnelly Zone, GJ Deposit, Northwest BC
John Mayer 2011 Allen Statistical and Structural Approaches to Understanding Groundwater Flow in a Fractured Rock Aquifer, Hope Bay, Nunavut
Meghan Kline 2011 Ward Deglaciation and Paraglacial Adjustment Near Statlu Creek, in Chahalis Valley, BC
Megan Jamer 2011 MacEachern Integrated Sedimentologic-Ichnologic-Palynologic Analyses of Estuarine Deposits:  Ecologic Comparison of Cretaceous-Aged Estuarine Valley Fills and Modern Delta Distributary Deposits
Carie-Ann Hancock 2011 Clague
Geomorphic Changes to Lillooet River due to the 2010 Mount Meager Landslide
Jeffrey Catterall 2007 MacEachern River Thrust Fault, West-Central Yukon
Mary Ann Berg 2006 Allen Hydrochemical variation over the low flow season in the Abbotsford Aquifer, British Columbia
Dejan Milidragovic 2005 Thorkelson Petrography and Geochemistry of the Quartet Lamprophyres
Tanner Liskop 2004 Allen Observation Well Testing and Reacharge Characterization of the Okanagan Basin, BC
Melissa Holt 2004 Allen Hydrogeological Assessment of the Belcarra Aquifer, British Columbia
Michael N. Jordan-Knox 2002 Allen An integrated sedimentological, ichnological and statistical study of the permeability and porosity characteristics of the glauconite member of Central Alberta
Marc-Andre Brideau 2002  Thorkelson Structural Analysis, Metamorphic Conditions and Regional Correlations of the Paleoproterozoic Racklan Orogeny, Wernecke Mountains, Yukon
Danette Schwab 2001 Thorkelson Geology, Geochemistry and Regional Implications of the Middle Proterozoic Bear River Dykes, Wernecke Mountains, Yukon(106 D/16, 106/C13)
Danae Voormeij 2000 Allen Integrated Geochemical and Stable Isotope Analysis of Tailings Effluent and the Seepage Colelction System at the Sullivan Mine, BC
Sean Todd 2000 Clague Genesis, Geology, and Geomorphology of Four Major Holocene Landslide Deposits in Meager Creek Valley, Southwestern, BC
Gregory Matsuo 2000 Allen Chemical Evolution of Groundwater on Hornby Island, BC
Pauline Favero 2000 Clague Sedimentological and dynamic analysis of the Nomash River Landslide, Vancouver Island, BC
Brenda Brannstrom 2000 Marshall Chemical Characteristics of Archean volcanic Rocks from the Snare River Area (NTS 850/13), SW Slave Province, NWT