Why study at SFU Easc?

The perfect place to LEARN (hands-on!) the complexities of our world

Located in the heart of the Coast Mountains at the centre of Western Canada's geoscience community, Simon Fraser University's Burnaby campus is home to one of Canada's top Earth Science departments. As a program with a strong field-based component, our location affords us the opportunity to visit a wide range of local geological environments, from glaciers to volcanoes, active river systems to tsunami sites, and from high mountain environments to the groundwater beneath our feet.

Once you complete your degree in Earth Sciences, you will be able to:

  • Demonstrate a broad knowledge and understanding of essential Earth materials, features, processes, and history over a range of spatial and temporal scales
  • Use the scientific method to obtain and critically evaluate scientific information
  • Effectively describe, analyse, synthesize, document, and communicate scientific findings
  • Use technical, analytical and field skills in a broad range of applications
  • Work independently and in groups, in the laboratory and the field
  • Meet all academic requirements for professional registration with Engineers & Geoscientists British Columbia
  • Articulate the applications and importance of the Earth Sciences to society

Prospective Students

Turn your love of science and the outdoors into an even greater career in an environment-related field. We designed our B.Sc. degree to give you the collaborative skills you need to thrive professionally.

Current Students

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