EASC Seminar Series

The Earth Sciences Department hosts an ongoing seminar series in the Spring (Jan-Apr) and Fall (Sept-Dec) semesters of each year. Speakers for the Fall EASC Seminar Series are nearly set. All talks, unless otherwise noted, are on Thursdays from 2:30-3:30 p.m at SSB 7172 and Remote

If you are interested in giving a presentation to the department, please contact Dr. Diana Allen

Fall 2022 Series

September 15

Brent Ward
SFU Earth Sciences

"Collaborative landslide studies in Peru"
Host: Diana Allen

September 22

Anais Orsi
University of British Columbia

"How are water isotopes influencing our understanding of polar climate variability over the past 2000 years?"
Host: Gwenn Flowers

September 29

Christian Zeeden
Leibniz Institute of Applied Geophysics

"Orbital forcing of clastic marine sediments"
Host: Shahin Dashtgard

October 5

Dr. John Cherry
Distinguished Professor, University of Waterloo

"Groundwater is the key to a sustainable Earth"
Host: Diana Allen

October 13

William (Jesse) Hahm
SFU Geography

"Geologic underpinning of forest vulnerability to drought"
Host: Diana Allen

October 20

Dan Gibson
SFU Earth Sciences

"Did craton movement cause Cordilleran mountain-building? The case for a “continental bulldozer”
Host: Diana Allen

October 27

Saman Razavi
University of Saskatchewan

"Towards holistic, sustainable and inclusive management of water and environmental systems"
Host: Diana Allen

November 3

Karen Kohfeld
SFU Resource & Environmental Management

"Evidenced-based approaches to understanding blue carbon dynamics on the Pacific Coast of Canadas"
Host: Diana Allen

November 10

Shah Faisal
National Centre of Excellence in Geology

"Tectonometamorphic Evolution of Hindu Kush, NW Pakistan"
Host: Dan Gibson

November 17

Erik Young
SFU PhD Candidate

"Do model glaciers dream of synthetic folds? Numerical modelling and structural glaciology of folding in surge-type glaciers"
Host: Gwenn Flowers

November 24

Rafael Gromig
SFU Earth Sciences Post-doc

"Glaciation history of the Taymyr Peninsula (Siberia) based on lake- and marine sediments"
Host: Brent Ward

December 1

Doug Clark
Western Washington University

"New Dating Control on Large, Long-Runout Rock Avalanches in the Nooksack River Basin, Northwest Washington"
Host: Brent Ward