Dr. Vicki Kelly

Associate Professor, Faculty of Education

Research Interests

My areas of teaching focus are: Indigenous Education, Art Education, Ecological Education and Health Education; more specifically: Indigenous knowledges, literacies, and cultures; Indigenous pedagogies or aesthetic and Indigenous ways of knowing; holistic learning as well as integrative art practices and art therapy; spirituality and contemplative inquiry; teacher education and teacher inquiry.

My current research is in: Aboriginal educator professional development and pathways of Indigenous learning; Indigeneity and incorporating Indigenous holistic learning models for Aboriginal and non-aboriginal learners; Two Eyed Seeing approaches to teacher education and curriculum development; ethno-ecology and the integration of Indigenous knowledge practices and pedagogy in environmental education; the role of the arts in human development; M├ętissage as inquiry and curriculum; place-based performance and art as inquiry.

I am interested in the following research methodologies: Indigenous methodologies, arts-based narrative research, performative inquiry, narrative portraiture, M├ętissage and autobiographical or life writing, as well as teacher inquiry.