Teacher Education

Professional Programs is the teacher certification component in the Faculty of Education at SFU. Students can enroll in programs to complete their certification requirements for teaching in British Columbia. A teaching certificate from BC is acceptable in most countries around the world. Professional Programs offers a unique differentiated or complementary staffing model which teams tenure track Education Faculty with seconded, highly effective teachers selected from school districts throughout the province.

The Professional Development Program (PDP) at SFU is a full-time, three semester program that comprises twelve months of study. The program is made up of a combination of practicum experiences and professional coursework integral to the understanding of important educational ideas and their application to classroom practice. 

The Professional Linking Program (PLP) is a teacher education program designed for working paraprofessionals, student support workers, para-educators (social workers, counselors, settlement workers), adult educators, independent teachers, and trades, technical and Francophone teachers operating on letters of permission.

We recognize that teachers new to Canada require a particular kind of orientation to the philosophies and practices of education in our local schools. In addition, they need sustained opportunities to explore our public school culture. A goal of the Professional Qualification Program will be to assist in the adjustment and acculturation of these teachers to the BC school culture.