Research Assistants & Postdoctoral Fellows


Andy, Kate

Research Interest: Studying how mammals use riparian areas in the Lower Mainland

Baird, Kyra

Research Interest: The occurrence of landslides within the Fraser River basin, focusing specifically on the influential role of atmospheric rivers on triggering these events, and the resulting impacts on the geomorphology of the Fraser River and surrounding tributary channels.

Banville, Pierre

Pierre is currently involved in two research projects: analyzing the impact of animal movements on nutrient distribution in a landscape and comparing the effectiveness of cotton strips and leaf litter packs to measure decomposition rates in restored stream ecosystems.

Hurson, Max
DISC 2 108

Research Interest: The link between morphology and hydraulics in bedrock canyons using field data from the Fraser River.

Kusack, Kyle
DISC 2 108

Research Interest:: Modeling river channel processes in the laboratory using flumes, currently focused on the evolution of canyons in bedrock rivers.

Laturnus, Lauren

Research Interest: Southern Resident Killer Whales

Lee, Amanda Si Kei

Murphy, Olivia

Research Interest: Marine vessel impacts on the endangered Southern Resident killer whale, including acoustic behaviour responses to increased underwater noise and vessel presence. Current projects include identifying whale calls from recordings to establish machine learning call identification and looking into new technology we can use to better enforce marine mammal regulations.

Ross, Chloe

Research Interest: Chloe is interested in research topics in the realm of geomorphology, and how they relate to her commitment to work towards better understanding our environment and how to preserve it for future generations

Sabo, Grace

Wright, Morgan
DISC 2 108

Research Interest:: Fluvial geomorphology, with a focus on bedrock rivers and the morphology of naturally occurring hydraulic barriers to salmon migration.

Young, Mikayla


Anderson, Sam

Research Area: Applied data science and machine learning in hydrology; the changing roles of heatwaves and glaciers for downstream water resources.

Brynes, Evan
DISC 2 108

Research Area:: Research interests broadly focus on mechanisms of animal behaviour and ecology, with a particular interest in fishes.

Carr, Julia
DISC 2 108

Research Area: Rock strength and sediment controls on bedrock river incision; sediment transport across river networks; landslide hazard and the role hillslope-channel coupling on river evolution.

Chen, Tzu-Yin

Research Area: Experimental, computational, and field morphology/morphodynamics; debris flows, channels, and fans; granular flows; dam breach hydraulics and flood routing; hazards mitigation; stochastic modeling; infrastructure design policy making


Larimer, Jefferey
DISC 2 108

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Research Area:: Jeffrey uses a variety of field, numerical, and experimental techniques to study how sediment transport and progressive failure of bedrock cooperate to shape river channel morphology, landscape evolution, and aquatic life.

Li, Tingan
DISC 2 108

Research Area: Erosion process in bedrock rivers; controls on bedrock channel morphology; boundary roughness and shear stress in bedrock canyons; landscape evolution.

Pleizier, Naomi
DISC 2 108

Research Area: Naomi is interested in the mechanisms by which environmental factors, such as flow and temperature, impact fish health and survival.
DISC 2 108

Research Area: Addresses questions of landscape evolution at plateau margins using field and computerized mapping, terrestrial cosmogenic nuclides, and statistical modeling.



Research Area: The application of machine learning models to address critical environmental challenges such as biodiversity conservation and environmental monitoring.

Thompson, Peter

Research Area: Peter is interested in identifying the environmental and anthropogenic drivers of movement and space use for southern resident killer whales in the Salish Sea.

University Research Associates

Saletti, Matteo
DISC 2 108

Research Area: Geomorphology and Sediment Transport of Gravel-Bed Rivers; Stability and Design of Step-Pool Channels; Flow Hydraulics in the Fraser Canyon.