Planning for the development of all three SFU campuses (Burnaby, Surrey and Vancouver) has taken on a growing importance for the University as growth and needs change in all locations and available space becomes more difficult to source.

To ensure that the University makes the best use of limited land resources and that new building development and expansion fits within an overall plan, the Campus Planning department is constantly involved in a variety of planning processes.

Campus Planning staff also work closely with the SFU Community Trust in assessing future plans for expansion of the Burnaby Mountain UniverCity Community. Smart growth, and transportation planning ensure the development of the Burnaby Mountain community is coordinated with university plans and infrastructure.

University's Five Year Capital Plan

An ambitious plan for constructing new facilities and renewing existing ones while enhancing accessibility for Aboriginal and First Nations people.

Official Community Plan

A joint plan done in conjunction with the City of Burnaby to help plan for University and non-University related uses on Burnaby Mountain.

Campus Development Plan

This updated document aims to continue the award-winning architectural vision begun in the 1960s when SFU first opened.

Stormwater Management Strategy

The Stormwater Management Strategy which is a 3-Phase approach which addresses the questions: what do you have, what do you want, and how will you get there?

Starting with an architectural jewel

SFU’s original campus in Burnaby designed by Arthur Erickson has been hailed as “an architectural jewel” and many of Erickson's organizing concepts continue to be integrated into the Burnaby campus site design and development guidelines still today.

The Burnaby campus was awarded a prestigious Royal Architectural Institute of Canada's Prix du XXe siècle (20th century prize).