Road Salt Management

Snow and ice on Burnaby Mountain is an inevitable occurrence during the winter months. The severity and frequency of these snow and ice events vary. As a result, the management of the conditions will also vary to insure public safety on our roads, walkways and stairs. The common practice in managing snow and ice conditions is through the use of Road Salt (NaCl). This however can have a detrimental effect on our environment (open streams, aquatic life, ground water, vegetation etc.).

In an effort to insure better management and to reduce salt consumption on Canada's roads Environment Canada has developed a "Code of Best Practice for Salt Usage" and it is required that all organizations that use in excess of 500 tonnes of salt annually must have a Salt Management Plan. In compliance with this requirement the University has developed a site specific Salt Management Plan which can be viewed on this site.

Latest Plan Revision: September, 2009

APPENDIX C Storm Drains Only
APPENDIX D Winter Operations Driver Operator Procedures
APPENDIX E Winter Operations Equipment and Material
APPENDIX F Environment Canada Road Salts Code of Practice 2004
APPENDIX G Enviromental Management of Road Salts
APPENDIX H Areas Vunerable to Road Salts
APPENDIX I Monitoring and Measuring Progress
APPENDIX J roadsalt-1
APPENDIX K roadsalt-4
APPENDIX L roadsalt-5
APPENDIX M roadsalt-7
APPENDIX N roadsalt-9