Asbestos Management

An extensive Asbestos Survey has been conducted at SFU and a room-by-room hazard analysis was performed to determine the presence and risk, if any, of asbestos on campus. Although no immediate hazard existed, asbestos containing areas with a high potential for future disturbance have been removed and a long term Asbestos Management Program was approved by the Workers' Compensation Board of British Columbia.

Asbestos containing materials (ACM) on campus are primarily found in:

  • Cementitious texture coatings on ceilings and as overspray above ceilings
  • Fumehood linings and ductwork
  • Floor tiles
  • Building and underground piping systems
  • Insulation on pipes, pipe elbows and boilers
  • Asbestos board backing radiators

Warning: drywall and asbestos floor tiles are not labelled.

ACM Identification at SFU

Asbestos texture coatings and asbestos insulation areas are identified with either a red or black stylized "A" with a circular border, spaced at 15-foot intervals. Potentially, ACM areas missed by the survey, may not show the symbol. To prevent accidental disturbance of ACM, Facilities Management must be contacted before carrying out work to ensure that an area does not contain asbestos. Supervisors shall ensure that all personnel under their direction have taken appropriate training in asbestos identification and have been made aware of the possible presence of asbestos. When working in the vicinity of asbestos, workers must follow safe work procedures to ensure that ACM is not disturbed.

If anyone discovers asbestos containing material which has been disturbed, they must immediately leave the area and notify their supervisor. The Facilities Services Department must be notified of the disturbance and access to the area should be restricted until personnel from Facilities respond to the scene.

Asbestos on campus in its present condition poses no health threat to anyone as long as it is not disturbed (i.e. - drilled into, cut or sanded).

Asbestos contact numbers:

Facilities Management Service Desk: Local 778-782-3582
Environmental Health & Safety Office: Local 778-782-4978 or 778-782-3867