January 11, 2024

After a mild start to winter, cooler weather has come to SFU’s campuses. Behind the scenes, the winter operations team at Facilities Services has been diligently preparing for severe weather conditions, introducing notable enhancements to combat snow-related challenges this year: 

New Snow and Ice Removal page 

Curious about SFU's approach to snow and ice removal? Explore our recently launched Snow and Ice Removal page here to learn about SFU’s priorities and goals when it comes to keeping roads and walkways clear. You can also find information regarding severe weather and how to submit a request for snow clearing.  

Priority route clearing 

Navigating a sprawling mountainous campus during snowy conditions can be challenging. SFU's winter operations team strategically prioritizes clearing routes based on accessibility, safety, and service entrances. Community members can plan their journeys accordingly, by following these designated paths when snow falls.  

Updated campus signage 

A key objective is ensuring community members can safely and easily find their way to cleared entrances during snowy periods. Look out for new signs strategically placed around campus and in parking lots, featuring directions to the nearest entrances and QR codes linking to priority route maps. 

Enhanced snow removal fleet 

When snow comes down, SFU's dedicated team members work 12-16 hour shifts, clearing pathways to ensure a safe campus environment. To improve snow removal capacity, SFU has added three new machines, bringing our fleet total to 11. 

As the season changes, community members are encouraged to get ready for winter conditions and practise caution when travelling around campus. To report slippery conditions, contact the Facilities Services service desk at 778.782.3582 or submit a Facilties Request.