Operational Excellence Initiatives

Operational Excellence is all about problem-solving and team work, resulting in continuous improvement.

It involves focusing on customer service, empowering employees and continually improving the current activities in our work place. Our journey towards Operational Excellence began when we visited the University of Washington where we learnt how to create a great workforce when people are given the power and means to exercise their talents and knowledge, and focus on making excellence part of their culture.

Our vision is to provide exceptional services and facilities. To us, Operational Excellence means being passionate stewards of the University’s facilities.

Excellence in Action

In order to both engage and inform our departmental colleagues, Facilities Services produces a monthly publication highlighting impactful process improvements proactively initiated by staff members. From improving customer service to engaging employees to finding new and innovative ways to advance ecological, social, and economic sustainability, Facilities Services staff are working hard to accelerate change, eliminate waste, and improve our processes. Here are just some of our stories. 

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Dynamic community engagement - Facilities Services Real Estate team
October, 2020