Renovation Projects

Applied Sciences Building (ASB) Renovation Project

Status: Under construction
Project Location: Applied Sciences Building Levels 9000 and 10000
Budget: $25M
Project Gross: 10,000 square meters (108,000 square feet)
Prime Consultant: Grout McTavish Architects
Expected Completion Date: Spring 2022

The work includes:

  • Addressing chronic water issues within the building envelope
  • Adding 900 square meters of space to the north side of the 9000 and 10000 levels
  • Creating shared innovation spaces to showcase work of students, and to foster collaboration within Faculty of Applied Sciences (FAS) students and community
  • Providing a welcoming entrance that connects the east and west side of the SFU campus and supports future development of adjacent areas
  • Consolidating administrative spaces to streamline operations
  • Improving security measures at entry access points and respective functional rooms

More details check out the ASB Construction Project page. If you have a question, please contact

Plaza Renewal - Phase 1 and 2

Status: Under Construction
Project Location: From Starbucks Plaza to AQ Plaza inclusive
Budget: $61M
Project Gross: 23,200 square meter (250,000 square feet)
Prime Consultant: Public Architecture
Expected Completion Date: Winter 2023

The public plazas and subsurface waterproofing is being replaced. 

EDB Renovation

Status: Under Construction
Project Location: North of AQ between RCB and Saywell Hall
Budget: $26M
Project Gross: 1155 square meter (12,400 square feet)
Prime Consultant: OMB Architects
Expected Completion Date: Spring, 2021

Completely new Building Envelope including Windows, Doors, Skylights replacement.  Upgrades to the Electrical, Communications and Mechanical Systems as well as Interior Renovation to 75% of the floor space.