Walk: Through a Window: ART + CITY + SCHOOL

Saturday, June 20th 2015, 1 - 4:30pm
Soundwork and Mobile Talk - Bus Tour

In relation to Through a Window: Visual Art and SFU 1965-2015 this event extends its scope from the campus galleries to the street. Live soundwork performances and mobile, site-specific talks present an experience of Vancouver's urban patterns and their impact on the creation and presentation of art within the rhythms of city. Please email denise_ryner@sfu.ca to reserve a free spot on our bus that connects the day's events.

New and recent soundwork by SFU students and alumnus / Live presentation
1 - 2pm 
Teck Gallery

The Teck Gallery window serves as a backdrop for listening to a live presentation of soundscapes and compositions by SFU students and alumni. These soundworks are specifically informed by the spaces that comprise SFU's Vancouver and Burnaby campuses as well as the Hastings Street corridor that runs between them. To preview the artists and composers on our online Audio Archive click here

Board the Bus / Mobile Talks by SFU faculty and alumnus
2 - 4:30pm
Bus leaves Teck Gallery for SFU Gallery following soundwork performances

Catherine Murray, Professor and Associate, Center for Studies on Culture and Communities, SFU will give an on-board talk about the civic initiatives that inform Vancouver's urban infrastructure, the ideology behind the creative economy and how the Vancouver Art Gallery, CBC and Larwill Park are representative sites of this city's public and cultural policies.

Artist, publisher, gallery director and SFU alumnus Keith Higgins will address his work, currently on exhibition at SFU Gallery, which references the impact of shifting demographics and economic relationships on the development of residential, civic and cultural spaces.

Peter Dickinson, Director, Institute for Performance Studies, SFU will be on board the bus to present a selected history of site-based performance along and adjacent to Hastings - from protests against Kinder Morgan on Burnaby Mountain to walking performances and other works in the DTES - to reference important moments in the cultural and political life of our city, especially as those moments intersect with the institutional history of SFU.

These programs are curated by Denise Ryner, SFU Galleries Curatorial Assistant and Intern.

For more information on the exhibition, click here.

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