Tour: Through A Window: Sabine Bitter, Helmut Weber, Lorna Brown, Allyson Clay, Vishal Jugdeo, Reece Terris

Saturday, June 6 2015
2pm SFU Gallery | 3.30pm Audain Gallery | 4.30pm Teck Gallery

Curators Amy Kazymerchyk and Melanie O'Brian lead a tour of each part of the exhibition in dialogue with artists Sabine Bitter and Helmut Weber, Lorna Brown, Allyson Clay, Vishal Jugdeo and Reece Terris. A free bus departs from Audain Gallery at 1PM and returns for the 3.30PM tour.

Through a Window looks at visual art production at SFU since 1965. Literally considering the window at each of SFU's campuses as a social, spatial and material symbol, the exhibition takes up Henri Lefebvre's Rhythmanalysis (1992), particularly the chapter "Seen from the Window," as a framework for reflecting on the rhythms of the past fifty years. The polyrhythms within aesthetics, theory, pedagogy, technology and politics inform the movement of artists' through the classroom, the studio, the gallery and the city - locally and internationally, in linear and cyclical, continuous and punctuated circuits.

The three-part exhibition reveals concrete and abstract rhythms of visual art at SFU and the speculative narratives that developed from them. The artists in the exhibition are affiliated with SFU as students, faculty or collaborators. From the windows of SFU's Burnaby campus overlooking Vancouver, Audain Gallery's window facing Hastings Street, and the Teck Gallery's window onto the inlet and North Shore mountains, we have looked out at the city and observed artists' material practices and collaborations, the organizations they initiated and the discursive forums they convened. When we look back into the university, we consider what influence the rhythms of SFU's architecture, pedagogy, politics and community have had on artistic practice and how artists inform the social space of the university.

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