Image Credit: Jess Butler.


Reading: Danielle LaFrance: JUST LIKE I LIKE IT

This reading with Danielle LaFrance has been postponed. A new date will be announced shortly.

Co-presented with Talon Books, this reading with poet Danielle LaFrance will be introduced by author Catriona Strang.

In JUST LIKE I LIKE IT (2019), LaFrance combines poetry and autotheory as a means of targeting ideological infatuation, spilling into an obsession with ideological abolishment. JUST LIKE I LIKE IT searches for ways to kill and abolish "it," seeking means to get it done right even when attempted slowly and stupidly, even if the only way out is death. LaFrance draws on stupidity, sadomasochism, pretend power, parasitism, and violent revolutionary desubjectification to shape a felt experience, not so much asking as inhabiting a series of questions, including the following: What are the implications of abolishing the self as it is racialized, gendered and classed? Can a theoretical framework hold every contradiction in tandem when every contradiction is substantial and felt?

This reading will include recent additions from the JUST LIKE I LIKE IT project, and LaFrance's publication will be available for purchase.