Image courtesy Tsēmā Igharas

The Bernard Reading Circle: led by SFU Galleries Curator Kristy Trinier

Thursday, November 3 / 12 – 1:30pm
SFU Gallery
8888 University Drive, Academic Quadrangle 3004
Burnaby, BC

The Bernard Reader contains text excerpts and print ephemera pertinent to exhibition and engagement programs at SFU Galleries. The purpose of the Reader, which was inspired by a renegade bookseller who sold books in SFU's Academic Quadrangle during the 70s, is to share critical dialogue and stimulate conversation. Distributed for educational purposes, it will be available to participants of The Bernard Reading Circle, an open platform for discourse.

*Printed by Publication Studio Vancouver/66B Please join for conversation around a selected reading, facilitated by Kristy Trinier, Curator, SFU Galleries.

For registration, contact: