Jelena Markovic and Sai Di, Untitled, 2022, photograph. Courtesy of Jelena Markovic.

Workshop: Transformations of the self

SAT, AUG 19 / 2PM
SFU Gallery, Burnaby

Workshop led by Jelena Markovic.

Held in conjuction with Guadalupe Martinez' exhibition Sensorial Visualities: Embodying Together and Alone, this workshop will explore how our embodiment shapes our perspective and how that perspective can be transformed. Our perspective of the world is shaped by our bodily organization, habits, patterns of attention, and more. These features shape our individual character as agents and how we experience the world as meaningful.

Our perspective can be transformed by events both within and outside our control, and by technologies of consciousness such as the embodied work presented in Martinez' exhibition and the work explored with her fluid collective CUERPO of which Markovic has been a part since 2018. These transformative experiences shape who we are as agents and what we value.

The workshop will consist of a talk introducing Markovic's research in embodiment and transformation and will be followed by embodiment exercises led by Guadalupe Martinez.

Jelena Markovic is an artist and PhD student in philosophy at the University of British Columbia. Her work takes form primarily through performative writing. She has exhibited in academic settings and galleries including Unit 17, the Hatch, Empty Space studio and, as part of CUERPO collective body, the Belkin, VAG, and Or Gallery.