The Night Cast, 2022. 3k image for various formats, directed by Irena Haiduk and Anna Shteynshleyger. Courtesy of the artists.

Mythic Spacetime Group

JUN 7 – AUG 10 2024
Audain Gallery


Atlanteans, Ancestors of the Druid priests descendants of, ii, 799; Egyptians and, ii, 792; __end of the, untimely, ii, 188;

Baal __ Saturn the same as;

__ Deity x horned and tailed, ii, 500; Iblis or__ Lucifer called, i, 99; Mercury called__ Prince of the Air not a __ Son of God, is, i, 99;

(Words underlined by Sun Ra on page 29, 34 and 82 in the Index to Volumes. I., II., and III. of  The Secret Doctrine by H.P. Blavatsky)


A series of three chromogenic chambers—Mythic Landing, Space Warp, and Time Ending—mark the arrival of Mythic Spacetime Group (MST), an artist collective initiated by Max Guy and Irena Haiduk. This summer, Mythic Landing presents the Audain Gallery as a room-size camera (after the root for the Latin word camera, meaning ‘chamber’) loading MST’s detectable and undetectable activities across SFU’s Vancouver and Burnaby campuses.

As a pearl accumulates in the pitch black of an oyster, a darkened, sonorous space is punctured by slender bands of light. Here, MST scrambles time flows to load a myth-making commons, a place we can all inhabit together as a cast of an ongoing epic, gathering instruments for our next act.

Mythic Spacetime Group is supported in part by SFU's School for the Contemporary Arts' Audain Visual Artist in Residence program. Irena Haiduk was Audain Artist in Residence in Fall 2022. Further assistance was gratefully provided by Yugoexport and SFU Facilities.

Directors of Photography: Niv Ende (moving) and Anna Shteynshleyger (still)

Choreography: Irena Haiduk and Maggie Segale

Cast: Max Guy, Abby Hunter, Inkar Julmagambetova, Juolin Lee, Kevin Li, Maggie Segale, Anna Shteynshleyger



“These two hands are not too small,
lot of things they gave to all,
sorry sorry sorry folks,
Now this boy is telling jokes.

No-one’s good as I am now,
nobody knows where and how,
East and West already see,
now you need new discipline!”


Within Irena Haiduk’s Spite seminar, Max Guy sings Kičme Disciplina, Dečjia Pesma (by Yugoslav band Disciplina Kičme) to introduce Candice Hopkins’ talk Sounding the Margins at the Graham Foundation. He climbs trees and warms up to the choreography of Life During Wartime by the Talking Heads. The class speaks only through microphones. Years before and after, Guy and Haiduk collaborate with the Renaissance Society at the University of Chicago, Sternberg Press, Acne Studios, Jack Shainman New York, Whitney Museum of American Art, Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, documenta 14, Swiss Institute,  Romance Pittsburgh, Laurel Gitlen New York, Kai Matsumiya New York, Each Modern Taipei, Good Weather Chicago, Chicago Arts Club, Art Basel, Hamburger Bahnhof Berlin, Malmö Museum of Art, Athens and Istanbul Biennials among others. They gather wisdom of artists from all epochs and meet Andreas Angelidakis, who names MST’s chronogenic chambers: Mythic Landing, Space Warp and Time Ending.



Opening Reception
Thursday, June 6 / 7–9PM
Audain Gallery

The artists will perform a program within their exhibition promptly at 7pm